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News Feed: Tay-Sachs

12 November 2019

Latest Tay Sachs Disease News and Research

News Feed: Sandhoff

12 November 2019

Latest Sandhoff Disease News and Research

News Feed: Canavan Disease

12 November 2019

Latest Canavan Disease (Leukodystrophies) News and Research
  • Human stem cells show promise against fatal children's diseases
    Scientists have used human stem cells to dramatically improve the condition of mice with a neurological condition similar to a set of diseases in children that are invariably fatal, according to an article in the June issue of the journal Cell Stem Cell.

News Feed: DNA Science

12 November 2019

Genetics in context
  • FDA Scrutinizes Fecal Transplants
    On Monday November 5, officials at the FDA listened for three hours to arguments for and against “fecal microbiota transplants” – mostly for. Speakers reported that the procedure has saved thousands of lives. The technique
  • The Peaceable Genomes of Pumpkins
    Anyone who’s tossed a pumpkin onto the lawn after Halloween to discover vines snaking along the ground the next summer knows how easy it is to grow the plant. Pumpkins have an intriguing history and
  • When the Target Isn’t Really the Target: One Way Cancer Drugs Fall Out of Clinical Trials
    Ninety-seven percent of potential new cancer drugs never make it to market, dropping out of clinical trials when they don’t meet measures of safety or efficacy. “Why that is, we don’t really know. But I

News Feed: Gangliosidosis-1

12 November 2019

Latest Gangliosidosis News and Research