Helping Hand Grant Fund FAQs

Helping Hand Grants FAQ

We have received a grant in the past, can we apply again?
Yes, but award priority is given to families who received their diagnosis or have a loved one who had passed since the last in person Annual Family Conference in 2019. 

Our family needs a grant for all our expenses, including travel, is that possible?
Unfortunately, in most cases NTSAD is not able to cover travel expenses. If you have extenuating circumstances that you would like the grant committee to take into consideration, please list them in the final question of the form.

We live outside the US; are we eligible for a Helping Hand Grant?
Yes! But again, we are not able to cover travel expenses so you would need to be able to make your way to the US, and we can help from there.  

Do I need to pay for my affected child?
No. We never charge for affected children.  All other family attendee’s fees are as follows:  
Ages 0-4             FREE!
Ages 5-12           $100
Ages 13 and up   $200

Are there limits to how much I can ask for?
While we ask all families to make every effort possible to seek out conference funding before applying for a Helping Hand Grant, we must also limit the amount we grant to each family to ensure we can help as many families as possible. Therefore, we ask you to please only request funds that are absolutely necessary for attendance.

What is the application funding limits?
While there are no limits, per se, there are general guidelines the Family Services Committee uses when determining how much to award:

Newly diagnosed families and individuals attending for their first time, and newly bereaved families attending for their first time will be given priority status for grant considerations up to the amounts as follows:
$1500 Family/$1000 Individual for registration and hotel.

How/when will I know if I was awarded a grant?
We will notify you of your grant award status after the grant approval process is complete. Grants will be awarded on a rolling basis as they are received and we will aim to notify awardees within two weeks of the date of submission of their application. All grantees will be notified no later than Monday, June 15, 2022.

What do I need to do if I am approved?
You will receive an award letter and contract of attendance to accept, sign and return to NTSAD no later than June 16, 2022.  At that time, any additional fees owed for registration will be due to NTSAD. You must make your own hotel reservation, for standard rooms only within the NTSAD room block with your own credit card (to leave on file with the hotel for incidentals). The hotel will then notify NTSAD of your reservation. You will not be charged for the approved hotel room nights, but you are responsible for any additional charges made to your room.