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Helping Hand Grant Fund FAQs

Helping Hand Grants

We have received a grant in the past, can we apply again?

Yes, all families are eligible. But award priority is given to families who received their diagnosis or received their wings in the past year. See the Helping Hand Grant page here to see all the priorities.

Our family needs a grant for all our expenses, is that possible?

Travel will NOT be covered for 2018. This year there is a $1,000 maximum cap to a Helping Hand Grant request. We anticipate an increase in applications and our goal is to help as many families as possible, so we respectfully ask families to restrict their requests as much as possible. Please note that there is no guarantee that what you ask for will be fully granted as we want to be sure to help as many families as we can.

We live outside the US; are we eligible for a Helping Hand Grant?

Yes, however, we ask international families to cover their travel and apply for a grant to cover hotel and registration fees.

Helping Hand Raffles

Do I have to sell Helping Hand Raffles to receive a Helping Hand Grant?

No, selling raffles are not required to receive a Helping Hand Grant but greatly appreciated. All proceeds from the Helping Hand Raffle go directly to families-in-need to help attend the Annual Family Conference. Every dollar raised is needed and greatly appreciated. 

Why is the amount of raffles sold to earn a free registration twice the amount of the registration fee?

When you sell $630 worth of raffles, $315 goes toward your registration fee and the remaining $315 goes into the Helping Hand Fund to help other families who are not financially able attend. 

When should I send in the raffles and money?

Please send raffles and collected donations to the national office as you collect them. We will track your sales and award free registrations. This helps us plan the Helping Hand budget and award as many grants as possible. Please do not send cash; checks or money orders are preferred.

                NTSAD – Helping Hand

                2001 Beacon Street, Suite 204

                Boston, MA 02135

The office will be closed after April 11 so the staff can travel to Jacksonville to prepare for the conference. You may bring raffle books and money to the conference for the drawing on Saturday, April 14, 2018.

When are the prizes awarded?

Winners need not be present to win. Winners (who are not present) are notified of their award within the week following the conference. The Prize check is mailed to the winner 6 – 8 weeks following the drawing.

Do buyers need to fully complete each raffle stub?

No. Write their information once and the office will do the rest. Correct phone and email are the most helpful when contacting winners. 

I tried but could not sell all 63 books; can I still receive a Helping Hand Grant to cover the registration fees?

Yes! Your grant application will still be reviewed. And we greatly appreciate your efforts. 

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Reasons to Go

“For our family attending the conference is like coming ‘home’ to a family that understand and where you don’t have to explain yourself…you just get unconditional love and acceptance.”

“Attending conference changed everything for me. It’s an incredible feeling to bond with other families who understand what you are going through and are willing to hold your hand through it all..... it’s hard to sum it up.  The conference truly changed my life!”

“The support and guidance we received in the meetings was invaluable in helping us to stay on our feet, band together as a family and to continue to support her brother. There was so much comfort in knowing we were with other parents who completely understand the way we are feeling.”