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The Tenth Anniversary Jack Kliger Memorial Golf & Tennis Outing

The 10th Annual FORE Jack Memorial Golf & Tennis Outing was a brilliant celebration of Jack Kliger’s legacy—thank you to each and every one of you who played a role!

Hosted by Sam and Benedetta Kliger, the gathering brought together friends, family, colleagues and sponsors for a great day of golf and tennis to raise money for research and family services at NTSAD.

52 golfers and 22 tennis players enjoyed the day and were joined by dozens of others for cocktails and dinner following the sports outing.

The evening program featured Sam and Benedetta welcoming the crowd, a compelling and heartfelt introduction to Jack and his legacy by his sister, Charlie Kliger, and a guest testimonial offered by Michael Richards, NTSAD Board Member.

The Kliger family and their remarkable circle of friends, family, and colleagues together raised almost $110,000 toward vital research and family services at NTSAD!

Our sincere thanks to the Kliger family, each and every participant, and the generous sponsors of the event—thank you!

Please take a look at the people who came together to celebrate Jack’s life and legacy…

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