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14th Annual Drive for Dylan Annual Golf Outing

Friday, June 16, 2017

Honeybrook Golf Club
1422 Cambridge Rd
Honey Brook, PA 19344

Today, with your help, there is HOPE! The research for Tay-Sachs continues to be complicated and expensive. Efforts are continuing to move forward with progress, and we are very close to clinical trials. Research still remains a key focus for us, however, like last year, we would like to designate some of this year’s proceeds to support NTSAD Family Services. Most of these services are offered to families who attend an Annual Family Support Conference, hosted by NTSAD.

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It is our life-long mission to honor our son through this Golf Outing. Your support allows us to help other families who bear this indescribable pain so they don’t have to endure their journey alone. Thank you for your contributions over the years whether it was monetary, donating raffle items, volunteering or simply your encouraging us to carry on our mission. We sincerely appreciate your determination to keep Dylan’s memory and legacy alive!

The Manning Family

The Manning Family held their 12th Annual Drive FORE Dylan Golf Outing.  A sold-out crowd came out to enjoy a beautiful June day at Honeybrook Golf Club surrounded by Amish farms and rolling hills.  The cause is in honor of their son Dylan James who passed away in 2006 from Infantile Tay-Sachs Disease at the age of four.  We were proud to have six families from NTSAD represented at the event, all of their children have passed. This year’s event nearly raised at net total of $17,000 for research bringing a grand total to-date of nearly $150,000 for research funding!  We will NEVER give up!




Kuchipudi Rangapravesam


Ria Mrudula Datla

Disciple of Mrs. Vamsi Chittajallu


A beautiful performance by Ria Mrudula Datla not only moved her audience but raised nearly $17,000 for Sandhoff disease research through the Maanas Memorial Fund named in memory of her brother who had Sandhoff disease.

Learn about the Maanas Memorial Fund

Donate to Maanas Memorial Fund

View Press Release: Kuchipudi recital to raise funds






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